18 Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook!

 Always have fresh ginger on hand

 Shred chicken in your mixer!

 Mason Jar Blender

Make flat burgers on the grill with a thumbprint.

Thrust your iceberg lettuce down on a hard surface, core facing down, then remove!

 Wrap the tops of bananas in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to make them last days longer.

Thrust a knife into the pit, then twist!

Freeze leftover soup in ready to eat portions.

Bake bacon instead of frying.

Freeze leftover tomato paste in tablespoon portions.

Make cookies into bowls by baking them on an upside down muffin tin

Avoid popsicle dripage by putting a muffin wrapper on the bottom.

Prevent batter splatter.

Ripen bananas by baking them in the oven.

  Get a broken egg shell out by wetting your finger and sticking it by the broken egg shell.  The egg shell will gravitate toward your wet finger.

Grate frozen butter for pastries and pies.

Peel a kiwi quickly with a spoon.