Imagine this mirror has been created using wooden clothespin gasp emoticon.
A simple craft idea yet so effective and easy to do, just whip a few pegs from the line and you'll be ready to start creating


about 64 clothespins, depending on the size of your mirror.
small mirror
small wooden disc for the backing
hot glue

Separate the clothespins by taking the metal parts out.
Decide what colors you want and how many clothespins you need.
Divide the number of clothespins by number of colors. The end number is how many clothespins you'll paint of each color.
Get painting! I used two coats on each pin. Set to dry.
Glue the mirror to the middle of the wooden disc.
Arrange the clothespins around your mirror in order. I found it easier to keep the clothespins flush together if they were already organized.
Glue the clothespins in place and let it set.
What do you think? What colors would you use to spruce up your space?