Cleaner shows how to remove bathroom mold using vinegar and lemon juice

The fight against mold in the bathroom is a never ending struggle. Most people prefer to stay away from bleach, as it can cause problems for those that have allergies. That’s why Debbie Anderson, a creative YouTuber, shared how to effortlessly remove bathroom mold using vinegar.

By combining one cup of distilled white vinegar and one-quarter cup of fresh lemon juice in a spray bottle, you can spray the concoction on the mold, let it sit for 30 minutes, and presto!

According to Anderson, the vinegar is what actually kills the mold. The lemon was added just so the bathroom didn’t smell horribly strong of vinegar after she was finished. After the 30 minutes have elapsed, the mold should wipe off easily, and any leftovers can be scrubbed off effortlessly.

As Reader’s Digest points out, undiluted white vinegar can also be used to shine sinks and bathtubs as well. When vinegar is combined with other ingredients or diluted with water, it can remove hard water stains and soap scum, clean toilet bowl and toothbrush holders, and even kill germs and bacteria growing in the shower door tract.

For those that love cleaning without harsh chemicals, vinegar is a gold mine! Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar are used for different jobs and are way cheaper than traditional cleaners. So the next time you’re trying to decide how to remove nasty mold and mildew from your bathroom, give Anderson’s tricks a try. You will not only receive a mold-free bathroom, it will smell fresh as well.