10 Amazing and Little-Known Uses for Coke

Coca-Cola may be one of the biggest brands in history, but did you know the beverage itself has tons of practical uses that don’t involve drinking it? I know what you’re thinking, using soda in ways other than as a tasty beverage isn’t the first thing you would have thought of, but it really does work.

While it contains chemicals like acid that are often not so good for our bodies, Coke is surprisingly good at quite a few other things. For instance, you can use it as a cheaper pesticide to keep those pesky bugs off your vegetable garden or even for cheap, quick relief from insect bites.

Astonishingly, because Coke is more acidic on a pH scale than battery acid, it can even clean surfaces better than any toxic household cleaner.

And that’s not even close to the extent of the little-known advantages of Coke. Watch the video below to learn more tips and tricks to utilize Coke.