18 Ways to Save Space and Get Organized Using a Shoe Caddy

18 Ways to Save Space and Get Organized Using a Shoe Caddy

Getting more organized is a tricky, yet easy solution to making your daily life easier. While shoe caddies are commonly used to organize and store, well… shoes, this versatile storage solution has more uses than just that. Not only do shoe caddies take up minimal space, they’re easy to hide behind doors, and can be used for other items, making them perfect to save more space and easily organize anything!

1. Store water bottles

It’s always good to stay hydrated, but if your water bottles are taking up too much space in your kitchen cabinets while they’re not in use, a shoe organizer is the perfect fix!

Store water bottles

2. Create the perfect planter

Make your own fun herb garden that won’t take up too much space. You can even make it more effective by labeling each herb or plant with decorative tags. Check out how it’s done here

Create the perfect planter

3. Keep wrapping paper safe

By cutting through the bottom pockets on the last two rows of the shoe caddy, you can keep gift wrap safe and clean in between uses. 

Keep wrapping paper safe

4. Stash some snacks

Easily keep track of you produce and snack supply, and even have more room to store fruits and veggies. 

Stash some snacks

5. Organize your office

Turn unused closet space into an effective, organized are to store office materials. The shoe organizer adds more room to store equipment, perfect for small spaces. Learn how to create your own office closet here

Organize your office

6. Stockpile arts and crafts

Whether you have kids or just love arts and crafts, you can stash all your supplies in a shoe caddy to save some space. 

Stockpile arts and crafts

7. Find scarves with ease

Keep winter gear organized, out of the way, and effortlessly find what scarf you’re after!

Find scarves with ease

8. Give your garden tools a home

Don’t store your gardening equipment in boxes or drawers, use a shoe caddy to find what you’re looking for quicker.

Give your garden tools a home

9. Easy-to-find undergarments

Simply roll up kid’s clothes or undergarments to create a more effective closet space. 

Easy-to-find undergarments

10. Head to the great outdoors

Place all your camping supplies in a shoe caddy before heading on your trip to find what you’re looking for with ease. 

Head to the great outdoors

11. Accessible first aid kit

No more digging around in medicine cabinets, painlessly find the first aid and medicine you need.

11. Accessible first aid kit

12. Fashion a cleaning supply area

Don’t waste cabinet space on cleaning supplies, hang them up! You can even add a closet-style shoe rack to store paper towels.

Fashion a cleaning supply area

13. Straighten spray paint

Not only do cans of spray paint fit in a shoe caddy perfectly, you can even put two in each pocket. 

Straighten spray paint

14. Update your utility closet

Keep unused cords and chargers untangled and organized. You can even label them to keep track of what’s what. 

Update your utility closet

15. Keep toys organized

Small kids’ toys like Legos scatter everywhere, but with a shoe caddy, you can do your best to make sure they end up in the same place. 

Keep toys organized
16. Check out this video to help you set up your new shoe caddy.

17. Establish more bathroom space

Have a small, cluttered bathroom? Create more space by storing makeup and other bathroom necessities in a shoe caddy.

18. Ensure car trips go smoothly

Make sure the kids are entertained while you’re on the go by storing toys in the car! 
Ensure car trips go smoothly