How to Make a Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

If you’re looking for great ways to upgrade and transform your home, there are so many projects you can complete to really make your house look like new. When it comes to lighting options, you could always spend a ton of money on new fixtures or make the project more fun by simply creating your own.
Faux capiz chandeliers, inspired by the West Elm, can really dress up any room in your house. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, this chandelier is perfect for any room of the house. Plus, it really brings in a beach type of atmosphere that can really make you feel more relaxed in your own space.

With such simple steps and installation, this project is perfect for those that are renting and can’t make any major changes to their home, or even those that are just looking for a fun and easy project. There’s no need to rewire, hire an electrician, or mess with the drywall, and it really is as simple as changing a lampshade.
Watch the full tutorial below to learn how to create your own...Enjoy!