Dad Surprises Wife And Daughter With Dream Craft Room

For Silvia and her daughter, finding a place to sneak off and do crafts together in their small home in Utah was a hassle. But now their love for making crafts together doesn’t have to suffer any longer.
When the mother-daughter duo left home for a few weeks to visit family, dad was left home alone. While they were gone, Andrew decided it would be the best time to give them the surprise of their dreams, and he documents the process from start to finish.
In just 20 days, Andrew managed to transform their basement into a new craft room, which is the sweetest gift a man could give his two favorite craft lovers. It may have been a lot of work for one man, but as Andrew wrote on You Tube, “with them gone I could work all hours of the night.”
The new craft room contains overhead lighting, hand-built crafting tables, brightly painted walls, and a hefty walk-in closet perfect for storage. The time lapse video below reveals just how much time and effort Andrew spent on this room.
Today, the whole family enjoys their new craft room, and they’ve even begun to sell their crafts on Etsy.