How to Repurpose K-Cups Into a Daffodil Sign

How to Repurpose K-Cups Into a Daffodil Sign

Spring will be here soon enough and just that fact alone is enough inspiration to get started on some projects perfect for spring. With so many great projects out there, it may be hard to pick just one. Thanks to blogger Kim Six, there’s now a radiant way to repurpose old single-use K-Cups from a Keurig coffee machine instead of throwing them in the trash.
With just a few easy steps, Kim turned her old coffee containers into a fun item of spring d├ęcor that’s perfect to brighten up the house. Plus, it’s so easy the kids can even help out!

To begin, Kim found some old wood pallets she already had. Even if you don’t have some lying around the house, they’re cheap to buy and sometimes even free. She cut off three pieces, and modified them into the size she wanted her final sign to be.

Then, she used a dark wood stain to cover the wood. Any stain you have will work just fine, but a darker color will help the colors added later to really pop.

While she was waiting for the stain to dry, she spray painted her K-Cups a bright color to be used as the center of the daffodil. You can use as many K-Cups as you like, but Kim chose to use five.

The flower petals were made out of card stock paper, and drawing the shapes was pretty easy.

Next, Kim bent the paper petals to create a more three-dimensional appeal, and placed them on the board in a pleasing pattern.

How to Repurpose K-Cups Into a Daffodil Sign
The stems were then cut from green vinyl and added to the board as well using a hot glue gun.

How to Repurpose K-Cups Into a Daffodil Sign
And the final result is bright, charming, and perfect for spring!
To find more details on this project, Visit Kim Six here.