How to Turn Your Old CD Cases Into a Photo Cube

What She Creates with Old CD Cases Will Amaze You!
Do you have old CD cases sitting around and collecting dust? Don’t worry we all do.  By following the instructions in this video, you will transform those worthless CD cases into beautiful photo cubes.
After constructing them, you have new accent pieces for your home or apartment. On top of adding beauty, you are also recycling! Imagine how much garbage the world can save by using ideas like these.
To create the cubes all you need is: a ruler, writing utensil, scissors, hot glue or super glue and clear cd cases.  You should have all these items on hand with the exclusion of maybe the hot glue. Luckily, a hot glue gun is very cheap. You can also use it for other arts and crafts projects!.
After you have your supplies, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions in the video. She does an excellent job of explaining. The best part is you can use old 4x6 photos that you have laying around by trimming them around the edges. One thing you may want to use to make it more glamorous is some card stock as a background for your trimmed photos.
Have a great time making these splendid photo cubes!