How to Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into a Gorgeous Piece of Wall Art

Using toilet paper rolls for DIY and crafts is nothing new, even children love making things out of them. Thanks to the Cindy from Made2Style, toilet paper roll crafts are getting a complete make over and really stepping up.

Saving up enough toilet paper rolls is the most time-consuming part of this project. Cindy said it took a while, but when she finally managed to save enough, she already had a plan: a beautiful piece of wall art.

The final result does not seem like it would have come from the bathroom in the slightest. It’s enough to really make you want to start hoarding toilet paper rolls immediately!
How to Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into a Gorgeous Piece of Wall Art
Cindy began by making sure there were no scraps of toilet paper still attached to the rolls, and cutting them into half inch strips. During this step, she squeezed the rolls slightly so the strips would lose their circle shape.

She then took four of the strips and glued them together to create a circle once more.

The final result resembles a wheel.

These steps were repeated until she ended up with about 40 wheels.

Cindy then purchased a 10-inch, circular mirror from the store to serve as the centerpiece, attaching the wheels around the mirror using glue.

Once the first row was completed, she moved on to the second row.

Obviously, the second and third row repeats the same steps, only there is a little more room in between each wheel.

To fill the gaps in the third row, she added one more pattern. For this one, she glued of the strips side by side.

Then, she glued two additional strips at the tips.

The four pieces were then attached together, and places in the gap between the wheels of the outer row.

This was repeated for each gap, resulting in an awesome design.

Lastly, Cindy spray painted the rolls black to hide the cardboard color.

Finally, she hung it on the wall, and you can’t even tell it was made with toilet paper rolls!

You can find out more about Cindy’s project here.