Why You Should Learn to Effectively Clean Your Lint Filters

Awesome life hacks like this definitely go above and beyond to ensure life is just a little bit easier for everyone else out there. If you enjoy reading life hacks just as much as the next person, you will absolutely love this one.
The video below is going viral after being uploaded to Facebook last January, and thanks to it, everyone that’s seen it now understands the importance of cleaning out the lint filer on your dryer.
Most believe that if you can see through the filter while you’re doing laundry at home, it’s clean. But that actually is not the case if you use any type of fabric softener on your clothing. In reality, you should instead be able to see through the filter and have the ability to pour water through it for it to really be clean.
As you know, if the dryer filter isn’t cleaned out after every load of laundry, you run the unfortunate risk of popping the fuse of your heat regulator.
At least once per month, you should scrub the lint filter with a good brush to effectively clean out any residuals until water is able to freely flow through it.
Check out the video below to learn more.

Son in law Cameron Beckwith,just showed me something I didn't know..good information
Posted by Whitney Crooks on Saturday, January 3, 2015