11 Fantastic Tips for Keeping Your House Perfectly Clean

You can still get a thorough cleaning job achieved even if sanitation isn’t your forte. That feeling of accomplishment after you’ve tidied up and have a nice spacious and uncluttered area is truly fantastic.

We have some tips that can make your household sparkling clean.

Renewing tables

Combine a half cup of olive oil with a half cup of vinegar, submerge a rag in the mix and wipe down the wood. Scratches totally come off and the area will look as good as new.

Brightening pillowcases

Combine a cup of dishwasher powder with a cup of washing powder, a half cup of borax, a half cup of bleach, and add boiling hot water.

Cleaning cabinets

Combine a spoon of vegetable oil with a couple spoons of baking powder, then clean the cupboards with the mix using a cloth or brush.

Washing shower heads and taps

Remove build-up of limescale from shower heads or taps with vinegar. Generally, 20 minutes is sufficient.
If the lime scale is stubborn, cover the shower head in a plastic bag after the vinegar has been applied for an hour, then thoroughly wash it again.

Cleansing irons

Wrap the ironing board with paper and scatter some salt on it. Switch the iron on and leave it at the maximum heat setting. (Ensure the iron contains no water, and that the steam function is off). After the heated iron is rubbed over the salt, the surface dirt will easily and quickly come off.

Purging cast-iron frying pans

You will require rubber gloves, an oven cleaner, plain vinegar and bin liners. You can obtain specific directions here.

Removing bathtub mold

Make small balls with cotton wool and submerge them into bleach. After placing them on the mold overnight, you can scrub away what remains with a toothbrush in the morning.

Sterilizing the stove grate

You can remove stove grate fat with ammonia. Place the grate in a plastic bag full of at least two tablespoons of ammonia cleaner. Rinse the grate 12 hours later.


It’s simple to sanitize silverware with aluminum foil, hot water, and salt. Line a sink or bowl with the foil and place everything in it. After a half hour, silverware will sparkle!

Microfiber sofas

You can get rid of stains on microfiber sofas using a small amount of spirit and a clean brush. To purge unwanted odors, add some baking soda.