DIY Pumpkin Fairy House

Remember those days when most of you actually used to enjoy crafting a scary face on a large orange orb, pulling out all the seeds and then lighting it up? Well, those were your good old days. Nevertheless, with the abundance of creative minds, it seems probably a crime to place the typical old Jack O’ Lanterns on the front porch.

And when Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater’s wife also considered living within a pumpkin was so good for her, then maybe the beautiful fairies of your garden will love it too. So, go the extra mile and carve this exquisite pumpkin fairy house on this Halloween. This one is absolutely perfect for your garden or any other large terrarium. In fact, this will be a cleverly constructed house for the fairies to easily settle in on those chilly Autumn nights.

This unique craft will make your pumpkin from simply drab to fab! You can either use a real pumpkin or a fake one. Plus, you can make it simple & precise or intricate & elaborate (whatever you prefer). Also, don’t forget to use sticks & flowers in order to create this cozy little pumpkin fairy house with an exclusive Autumn wreath look that your kids will always watch for!

Looking for the design? Check the link below.