Mom Totally Transforms Her Bathroom By Dumping Black Paint On The Floor And Drawing Fake Tiles

Home improvement may seem like a complex project. With all the supplies and tools involved, surely such an endeavor is time-consuming and expensive, is it not?
It is not!

One home improvement enthusiast discovered a smart approach to conceal the unappealing linoleum floor in her bathroom at a substantially lower price than what you would expect.

Livin’ the Life of Riley blogger Susanna is an enthusiast of budget-conscious design. When she saw an Instagram post by Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, Susanna desired the same look for her own bathroom.

The post by Gaines showcased a gorgeous bathroom floor tiled with a detailed black-and-white layout.

Susanna looked online to discover how she could replicate that same design on her floor on a budget.

She has just posted the final look on her blog, and the results are remarkably outstanding. It looks just like Gaines’ floor!

Check out how Susanna converted her bathroom floor into a thing of beauty!

Susanna, a blogger on “Livin’ the Life of Riley”, wasn’t pleased with the mundane look of her linoleum bathroom floor.

Upon discovering a picture of a floor she preferred, Susanna scoured the internet looking to see how she could mimic that same look under a budget. She was shocked to learn how easy it would be to achieve that look using a few stencils, materials, and chalk paint.

Susanna began painting her bathroom floor black, which took longer than she thought it would, as the floor required multiple coats, each one needing time to dry before another could be applied.

After the entire floor had been painted to her satisfaction, Susanna used painter’s tape and a stencil to draw out the design.

Upon completion, the transformed floor resembled the one she saw on an Instagram post from Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines.