One Simple Trick to Quickly Wean Your Child Off Pacifiers

According to one mom, who also happens to be a pediatric dentist, there is one easy trick to wean little ones off pacifies in just a few days.

Alene D’Alesio, experienced dentist and mother of four, knew the teeth problems her children would face if they used their pacifiers for too long. As trying to get kids to kick the habit is difficult, Alene also found there was also nothing on the market to really help with the situation.

That’s why Alene developed the Lily Method, using a series of color-coded pacifiers to use each day for five days. They also got smaller as the days went by.

She tried out the method on her eldest daughter, and found just how she could wean all her children off the pacifiers in only five days.

Alene explains her last daughter was off the pacifiers by the third step, and that it really wasn’t an issue in their house thanks to this trick.

She was featured in Parent magazine and even won the Edison Award for her invention, but all Alene wants is for other families to not have to be frustrated going through the process all alone. Though, she does suggest it’s best to start the process just after a child turns one year old.