Stop tossing your old coffee grounds. Here is a genius ways to reuse them to Reduce Cellulite

This treatment can be a bit messy but can work wonders on your wobbly bits. The effects won't last forever, but it's a great little tip if you need to dress to impress for an evening!
Gather your ingredients. You'll need coffee grounds, sea salt and body lotion for this treatment. For the body lotion, ideally a firming one would be good, but any moisturizer will work. You'll also need an old towel and cling film.
Mix together 1/4 cup of coffee grounds with ½ cup of sea salt and 1 cup body lotion in a large bowl.
Take an old hand towel. Soak with water as hot as you can stand it, then wring out and place it on the area you want to wrap for a few minutes until it cools (thighs, arms, tummy). This helps opens up the pores and soften the skin, making the wrap even more effective. Next comes the messy bit!
Apply a thick layer of your coffee concoction over the desired area and wrap with cling film. It needs to be wrapped tight enough to stay on but not so tight as to become uncomfortable. If you have any bandages (like the things you get in a first aid kit) wrap this tightly over the top to help keep the cling film in place. Leave on overnight but put a towel down on the bed first!
Remove the cling film and rinse off the coffee mix. You should notice a few inches change on the desired area!