This Couple Gave Their Daughter the Gift of a Lifetime

Going on a treasure hunt is fun for all ages, especially children. As a child, you probably even dreamed of going on an epic treasure hunt adventure like often displayed in the movies, only to someday realize that probably won’t ever happen.

That’s exactly why one couple planned to bring a world of fantasy and adventure to their child-to-be. The plan was set in motion soon after finding out they were to have a baby, but it would not take effect for seven more years. A secret map was strategically hidden in a box located inside their future-daughter’s room that would take her on the adventure of a lifetime.

As soon as their little girl turned six years old, Dad knowingly asked his daughter to clean the box, but when she opened it, there was the map her parents has hid before she was even born. See the video below to explore this little girl’s great treasure hunt.