1989 Yellow School Bus Is Transformed Into A Charming And Cozy Little Home

Have you ever seen an old school bus that is not usable anymore and wondered what it can be used for? While some see it as just scrap metal that is waiting to be disposed off, others have tried transforming such into a comfortable and charming home!

Although many did attempt this, nobody has done it more perfectly than Mira and Jeremy Thompson. Despite the many specific design problems involved, the couple actually succeeded in making a cozy, sufficiently-spaced home from such an aged school bus — and they did it astonishingly impeccably!
About five years ago, Mira and Jeremy approached the administration of a school that owned an old bus and indicated their intention of buying it and creating a bus-house out of its interior space. According to the couple, they were inspired by traditionally-designed comfy cabins to create their extraordinary home.

Once they had secured the 1989 bus, they went on to make it into a remarkably cute though a-little-bit tiny house. They mostly used recycled materials and antique items collected from various thrift shops to come up with a fully-furnished and magnificently decorated home.

As is evident from the photos, the Thompson's left a number of the original features of the bus, features that some people could have considered masking. But, doesn’t that yellow coloring at the front side of the house — which had also been the front side of the bus — just look charming?
Mira and Jeremy have their own genius to thank for not thinking of masking that part like others would!

Since Mira and Jeremy’s bus-home still has the old bus wheels attached to its belly, it’s capable of moving around. However, that wasn’t part of the couple’s plan. In fact, with its bucolic wood-made exterior, the window box and the front-door steps, this one is no longer suited to be a school bus but the cottage house that it has transformed into!

And while its exterior is strikingly appealing, the interior makeover is what’s even more spectacular. Indeed, if somebody brought you in with your eyes covered, you wouldn’t believe you were inside a former school bus seeing its interior decor. Its inside even looks much more spacious than one might expect from a school bus!

The cabin interior has a fully-equipped kitchen, with a cooking stove, a sink as well as a tiny, vintage-inspired fridge.

The Thompson’s bus-home’s living room is ingeniously partitioned into 3 distinct spaces: a standard fore room, a sufficiently-spaced loft room as well as a romantically-charming bed space.