How To Make String Ball Ornaments

Learn how to make lacy hollow cone and balls as Christmas decorations. You will need white glue, water and cotton string.

Water balloons are used as the form for the balls. A homemade cardboard cone laminated with packing tape is used for the Christmas Tree base.

You will need some small cups (like applesauce cups of butter tubs) for drying the balloons. You will need a sponge brush for applying the glue water (half and half mix) to the string.

1. Wrap string around the desired form until all of the string is criss-crossed and covered the form well.
2. Dab the glue water over all the string making sure it is saturated.
3. Let dry completely (1-2 days)
4. Remove the form by popping the balloon OR by squeezing the cone so the string pulls away from it.