13 Ways to DIY Happiness at Home

The decorations and colors of your home reveal the message of your personality and life style.
Take a look at the following great DIY ideas projects to decorate your home. They are easy to complete and can be made from cheap materials but can help bring a wonderful and positive impact on your mood and well being. These ideas will for sure wake your creativity! Come and enjoy!

Butterfly Tree

Tutorial: www.rhythmsofplay.com
 Mandala Stones

Tutorial: colorful-crafts.com
 Flameless Fire Pit

Tutorial: blog.freepeople.com
 Lightbulb Planters

Tutorial: diyready.com
 Macrame Curtains

Tutorial: abeautifulmess.com
 Wood Slice Photo Transfer

Tutorial: parentalperspective.com
 Mood Lighting

Tutorial: ziploc.com
 Marquee Lights

Tutorial: www.lachicadelacasadecaramelo.com
 Macrame Hanging Planters

Tutorial: www.brit.co
 Tennis Ball Mail Holder

Tutorial: www.doitandhow.com
 Action Figure Lamp

Tutorial: instructables.com
 Wood Slice Smartphone Dock

Tutorial: scarletwords.com

Tutorial: mokkasin.blogspot.com