25 Clever Ways to Childproof Your Home

Having a child in your home can be a fun and exciting moment. Unlike an adult, children don't know any better and need to rely on you to provide them with a safe environment. Be prepared to childproof the nursery, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace - any area of your house that poses a threat to your baby.
1- DIY Fabric Stair Gate

DIY Playbook
2- Crib Railing Teething Guard

Jane Marie Blog
3- Cover a Fireplace with Faux Stacked Logs

Pepper Design Blog
4- Power Strip Cover

5- No-Sew Door Muff

Make And Takes
6- Silicone Cup Toppers

7- Trampoline Pool Noodle Spring Covers

And Next Comes L
8- Baby Gate for Non-Traditional Stairs

Bombshell Bling
9- Baby Bath Gate (keeps them away from faucet)

10- Pool Noodle Door Stop

Red Delicious Life
11- Magnetic Cabinet Locks (no drilling needed)

12- Pajama Hack (to keep them from climbing out)

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13- Keep Door Open with Rubberband

Good Housekeeping
14- Mesh Window Guard

15- Condiment Cup Pacifier Holder

One Crazy House
16- Homemade Grippy Socks (for use on slippery floors)

Am Momma Hear Me Roar
17- Clear Stove Knob Covers

 18- Add Tulle Across Floor Vents (air can pass through, but objects can’t)

Baby Toolkit
19- Surge Protector Case from a Tupperware

Tigers Cub Blog
20- Cabinet Locks for Knobs

21- Fridge Lock (from a Command Strip and Rubber Bracelet)

22- Toddler Proof the Toilet Paper

CK and Nate
23- Clear Silicone Corner Covers

24- Closet Door Lock (using a hanger)

25- Cabinet Door Lock…using a Tension Rod