7 Top Tips For Women To Be Safe In Parking Lot

Most of us use parking lots and garages to park our cars when we go out for shopping or other purposes. Especially women can be easy victims of predators in these areas. If you are walking towards your car after shopping and you are tired and absorbed in checking the text messages or replying to the messages you are the perfect victim for thieves or other attackers as you are unaware, lost and alone.

As per the bureau of Justice Statistics more than 1 in 10 crimes occur in the parking lots or garages and you should not be a victim of one. This article contains safety information that could possibly save you from any sort of attacks by the predators in the parking lots.

1. Be aware.

You must be aware where you are, check your surroundings and see who is around you. You must trust your gut feeling if the area does not look or feels safe. This is also known as situational awareness and you must be aware if anyone is following you.

2. Be free of distractions.

When outside do not listen to your iPods, or be engrossed in cell phones or other distractions, instead scan your surroundings. The phone call or text to your best friends can wait till the time you reach your car safely and the doors are locked.

3. Be careful while leaving/getting in your car.

When you are getting into your car or leaving it you are in a high risk area for assault, which is also called fringe area because many attacks happen near the cars. You must lock the car doors and windows properly and avoid parking next to any vehicle.

4. Notice the surroundings and people when about to leave the store.

You may need to look ahead at your car as soon as you leave a store to identify if there is anything that is out of place that may put you in risk. If you see someone standing next to your vehicle you can either think that person is good or bad. The person may be standing there just because he is bored or he may also be a potential attacker. You can identify it from their body language and your gut feeling if they seem interested in you. If someone is looking at you or following you when you are walking towards your car you can walk briskly and get inside the car as soon as possible, lock the doors and drive out.

5. Pay attention to your body language.

Your body language makes you less of a target so you may need to walk confidently, stand straight and walk with a purpose. Do not look meek or unaware as this increases the chance of getting mugged or abducted. Keep your head up and look around carefully and if someone is looking at you stare at them. If you look at the person in the eyes it sends a signal to the other person that you are a fighter and the predator does not want this. This also shows them that you are aware and ready if they try to attack you. It is important to look at strangers so that you can identify them easily if you need to.

6. Ask for an escort.

If you find someone standing next to your car you can go back to the store and ask them for a male escort who can walk with you till your car. When there are two people the predator will not target you.

7. Keep your hands free and keys ready.

Once you are about to leave the store, keep the keys of your car outside so that you can unlock the door easily and quickly as soon as you reach the parking lot. Also, keep your dominant hand open and free of shopping bags and purse.

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