Turn Those Lacy Doilies You Love into Bowls

This simple DIY project is a great way to organize some of your trinkets, and also a great use for all those old doilies floating around in the universe. Whether they're from your local thrift shop or passed down from your family, this project is a great way to give doilies a new fresh life.

Cotton Lace Doily
make sure your fabric is 100% cotton and your bowl is oven safe if you are heating it in the oven.
Make Sweet Water
Mix sugar and water together and heat on stove or microwave until boiling.
Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Wearing gloves, dip doily into the sugar mixture until fully soaked. Wring out excess liquid.
Flip the bowl over onto its mouth and place doily on the bottom of the bowl to mold it.
Place bowl into oven heated at 225°F. Remove from oven after 20-30 minutes.