Young Mother Faces Backlash For Bathing Her Baby Daughter In Bleach

For a pregnant woman, the joy that comes with the approaching delivery is immeasurable.
You in excitement fill the whole apartment by purchasing all kinds of recreational items and numerous clothing for the forthcoming baby. However, in the euphoric state we tend to forget the fact that there is every probability that the child could be delivered with some complications,  deformity or diseases that can be detrimental to their lives.
Yet assume trusting that the child you have nutured for full term pregnancy is in maximum state of health ,and you were told unanticipated  to be incorrect in your trust.
Raven Ford , a twenty three year old mother of Superior in Wisconsin, pass through the same thing . Amelia her child , had a dermatological condition, which made people compare her skin to resemble a snake’s skin.
As a result of the severity of the child’s health status, Raven was directed by the health professionals immerse the a-year old child in homemade bleach daily so that infections can be prevented. Raven narrated that due to inability of Amalia to use soap, she put twice of tablespoon of bleach in the bathing water daily .
The young mother confessed about other mother’s behaviors on hearing the unimaginable act of rituals. Nevertheless, it is vital to bathe her skin with bleach , no matter how overboard that may sound .
The reason behind this is that Amelia sustains a rare autoimmune disorder known as lamellar ichthyosis. Importantly ,this shows that her skin is likely to harden and wear off every small number of weeks .
Amalia’s skin is hypersensitive she therefore won’t be able to bathe with the ordinary soap. In order to get rid of bacteria, the physicians instructed the loving mother to annex bleach to the child’s bathing water.
It is contentious, and everyone will not accept it, however, it has been endorsed by dermatologists and proves as the one method to get rid of the bacteria beneath her scales, Raven expounded , if this is not carried out, she might be infected  or bags of oil , which manifest inform of yellow elevations on her scalp.
She resembled a small malleable toy, there is mass of very chunky skin, that looks taut and glistening ,” she annexed . “She was unable to shut her mouth or eyes, therefore the physicians could not tell whether she possess eyelids, it also enclosed the hands and feet excessively to the extent that there were no obvious print.”
The mother with three children mentioned earlier that she with her spouse, departmental worker , Gary Moe,  noticed from the time of birth at St Mary’s Medical center in Duluth Minnesota that something was wrong.
Ichthyosis is exceedingly uncommon  skin condition therefore physicians were at the beginning could not tell the condition of the baby.
However Amelia’s parents visited a connoisseur at the University of Minnesota who verified that she for sure is suffering from ichthyosis.  But, at that phase , they were unable to decide what type of disorder Amelia was suffering from.
“Being oblivious of this is the worst feeling ever” said Raven. “Although we were warned against researching Ichthyosis, poor me I couldn’t stop myself. I was curious to understand what was going on.” From the finding “some type of the condition are austere  and has quite a bleak life expectancies, so thinking Amelia might give up the ghost gives me cold feet and direful. I was so curious and just wanted to know the category of hers”.
Right now the family is anticipating genetic testing, although Doctors are self-asserting that Amelia is suffering from lamellar ichthyosis. In an article by The Ichthyosis Support Group, lamellar ichthyosis affects relatively one in every 200,000 newborns and till date do not have a known treatment.
“We give in our best on a daily basis to look out for Amelia,” Raven added.
“Amelia usually have some fluoride supplements for her teeth because according to the information given to us, this medical condition can cause some dental anomaly. In addition, we put Aquaphor petroleum jelly around her buccal cavity whenever she has something to eat else her skin will be stained. Her hair is friable and can easily fall off, her nails is also hardening up as it builds.
People with ichthyosis according to what we read on some support groups have their thick, tough nails cut with pliers, and with the aid of a sandpaper exfoliate the skin beneath their feet because of its toughness. Good a thing, Amelia has not got gone through this.
For people who are not faced with this life-changing disorder only have to fantasize how herculean it is. Unfortunately, it gets so worse to conceive that till this day there is no known treatment for this disorder.
We are hoping that with the advent of modern medicine, certainly a cure will one day surface.